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Norse deities manipulate humans in the dystopian future to avenge ancient grudges, in this immersive science fiction story. This podcast is a collaboration between artists in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Jarnsaxa, a Norse giantess, seeks revenge on Thor, her lover and the father of her children. Over centuries, her contact with humans is limited. Season One shows her meeting with Agent Bachman and Dr. Aspinall, sent by the mysterious Hei Shui Corporation, in 2094. She introduces them to her cousin, Loki, and shows them The Nine Worlds and her struggle against the Aesir. 

When she escapes to Arizona, she engages with the all-powerful energy corporation, and the displaced people who suffer and die from the corporation’s policies. This story travels gritty dystopian wastelands, supernatural paradise, and contemporary realms, to examine what we sustain and why.

Season One has ten episodes, which range between 14 and 26 minutes. 

Season 2 will have eight episodes, each running approximately 20-25 minutes. 

Jarnsaxa Rising is currently free to listen to. The first season was sponsored by listener donations, via Indiegogo. The second season is supported by listeners via Patreon, Ko-Fi, and self-funding by the creators. 


Some of the characters are mentioned in Marvel stories. However, Jarnsaxa Rising draws its influence from that which influenced Marvel; Norse Mythology, The Poetic Edda, The Voluspa, and folk tales. Influences for the style and characters include Margaret Atwood, Philip K. Dick, Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica.The show blends fantasy, drama, and satire to tell its stories. 

If you enjoy adventure stories with strong female characters, such as Wonder Woman, Aliens, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Westworld, you will probably enjoy Jarnsaxa Rising. 


Jarnsaxa Rising has an Explicit rating on Apple Podcasts. This is to save people who don’t want to hear any coarse language or cursing at all. Ancient Scandinavians didn’t have soft lives, and the conflicts in this story are sometimes violent. The story includes sexual betrayal, and honest discussion of romantic relationships and encounters.

Caregivers may wish to listen to the show, prior to sharing with people whose enjoyment of the story may be compromised. 


Season 2 will launch on July 12, 2018. We will release the rest of the episodes in Season 2 every other week. Season 1 was released in September of 2015, and is currently available via Apple Podcasts/iTunes, Spotify, Podchaser, Overcast, and almost any podcast app. 

Transcripts will be available for the hearing impaired and those who prefer to experience the story visually, upon request. To get a copy as each episode is released, email us at


Lindsay Harris-Friel and Vincent Friel are 6630 Productions. They write and produce podcasts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, Midgard.

Specific information about each member of our creative team is available at our Creative Team page, or in the press kit file above.

Jarnsaxa Rising came about as a writing prompt that director Carin Bratlie-Wethern sent to writer Lindsay Harris-Friel one Friday night. “Just above the 60th parallel in the Baltic Ocean, a team of researchers arrives at an abandoned wind farm, to investigate some unexplained energy surges. They discover that the wind farm has become sentient. And hungry.”


Jarnsaxa Rising was self-funded by the creators, who hope to get themselves out of the red via Patreon and ko-fi. Patreon supporters can receive extra content, such as mail art, behind the scenes recordings, and PDFs of deleted scenes and visual art.



“a fun, exciting, suspenseful listen that feels different in world and aesthetic from its contemporaries… this story isn’t one you’ll want to miss.”

-Wil Williams, Wil Williams Reviews

“…a totally unique podcast from 6630 Productions. Each episode ends on a perfect cliffhanger, so listeners are left scrambling for the next episode. The plot proceeds at a breakneck pace, sometimes switching between following Jarnsaxa and those trying to stop her. Did I mention there’s a fully sentient wind turbine farm? …sound quality of this podcast is soft and adds a mysterious quality to the show…makes it feel like Loki is one, whispering in your ears, and two, all around you…very clear dramaturgy work in each episode. Kit Gordon (the named dramaturg) did extraordinary work to make sure this sci-fi fantasy wouldn’t be too far off from the actual myths…definitely a podcast to check out if you are looking for something new this year. Dip your toes into the frosty Baltic sea, and join the two-person crew from the Hei Shui corporation as they try to stop the most recent incarnation of Jarnsaxa from (literally) ending the world with a wind farm!”

-Carolyn Ducker, Geek Girl Authority

A fun fantasy drama

Mixing science fiction and Norse mythology, Jarnsaxa Rising’s first season is a riveting tale of revenge and danger. The Friels and their crew create a world not so far off from ours as to be unrecognizable–dirty-dealing corporations, environmental degradation, and jealousy mix to create a disaster in the far north of the world, while the weight of world of the Norse gods–especially the always-slippery Loki–comes rising to the surface once again to wreak havoc. Hopefully, season two will start soon!

– Apple Podcasts listener, Tlatchtga

Anxiously Awaiting Season 2!

Not having really listened to audio drama podcasts before, I was turned on to a fantastic medium thanks to the spectacular writing and acting talent that comprise ‘Jarnsaxa Rising.’ If you are a fan of Sci-Fi, Strong Female Leads, or Norse Mythology, it is in your best interest to download this podcast and judge for yourself! Apple Podcasts listener, Commander Croydon 

Absolutely amazing production

Awesomely written, a compelling concept, superb voiceactors (especially Loki, rawr), Jarnsaxa Rising is an overall awesome audiodrama I absolutely recommend listening to, if you’re into nordic mythology mixed in with modern day world. Can’t recommend it enough and will patiently hope for a second season soon 🙂 

-Apple Podcasts listener Kessi

Terrific storytelling!

Futuristic fiction wrapped up in Norse Mythology? Can you get any better than that? A fun, exciting romp. I’m loving this series! 

-Apple Podcasts listener Pete Lutz

Outstanding voice acting, lots of intertwining stories and plots makes this show entertaining and I really hope that there is much more coming.

– Podchaser listener, malene_gitte 

Well done on all counts! A somewhat surprising ending, but completely logical.

-Podchaser listener, btinsley785

“I’m not familiar with Norse mythology…I think it’s extremely well acted, I think that little description helps you understand what’s happening in the first episode, because there is no setup, there is no description, it’s just like boom, you’re in it: which I appreciate, I like just having it right in there… I enjoyed it.”

-Excerpt from “WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: “Marsfall,” “Mirth Defect,” and “Jarnsaxa Rising”, on the YouTube channel Matt Versus Audio Drama 



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A powerful woman with long braids holds a dagger in one hand and a flash drive in the other, under a constellation that resembles a wind turbine.
Illustration by Matt Lichtenwalner.
A white wind turbine spins its blades over a small island during a thunderstorm. To the left, a ferryboat burns in the ocean. To the right, a giant shadowy figure emerges from the darkness.
Jarnsaxa Rising logo created by Kessi Riliniki.