17th-century engraving, of Trial By Ordeal of Water. If the alleged witch survived, she was guilty. "That'll teach you to be different from everybody else, young lady!"

Episode 1: Two Witch Trials

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Two women are tested for crimes against their respective societies, and are sent on journeys requiring all their strength.

Cast in order of appearance:

Loki- Ethan Bjelland

Jarnsaxa- MaryLynn Mennicke

Widow Gregersen- Leslie Vincent

Sister Margareta- Delta Giordano

The Interviewer- Sarah Broude

Agent Bachman- Katherine Kupiecki

Written by Lindsay Harris Friel

Directed by Carin Bratlie Wethern

Sound design, engineering and music by Vincent Friel

Dramaturgy by Kit Gordon

This episode of Jarnsaxa Rising was sponsored by Matthew Lichtenwalner

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Anita Hill copyright Samuel Goldwyn Films