Gratitude for The Podcast Host

Jarnsaxa Rising is featured as The Fiction Podcast of The Week,  at The Podcast Host, a website for podcasters and people who need excellent podcast resources.

The Podcast Host provides production services, classes, boot camps, artwork, and anything else a person could want to get their idea in millions of ears, well. If you’re in the United Kingdom and you want to grow your business, tell a story, solve a problem, or just amplify your thoughts on a deep, visceral level, contact them for more information.

They create and listen to a lot of podcasts, so they have a high bar for quality. To have them pick Jarnsaxa Rising as their Fiction Podcast of The Week makes my heart sing.

I send an army of singing Valkyrie maidens. NY Metropolitan Opera divas, no less.

Matthew McLean is the head of audio production at The Podcast Host. Not only does he meet clients’ needs and bring their ideas to life, he writes articles and produces podcasts that help audio creators in all areas of production and content creation. You can read more of Matthew McLean’s work by clicking here.

And, of course, if you haven’t heard Jarnsaxa Rising yet, why not click on the article link above, or the permalink in the upper left-hand corner? You know you want to. We’re working on Season 2 now, so you definitely want to be all caught up.

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