What is Jarnsaxa Rising?

“Just above the 60th parallel in the Baltic Ocean, a team of researchers arrives at an abandoned wind farm, to investigate some unexplained energy surges. They discover that the wind farm has become sentient. And hungry.”

This writing prompt, given by a director to a playwright, has grown over years into an episodic science fiction revenge tragedy.  Jarnsaxa, a giantess, and her cousin Loki, seek vengeance on Thor by unleashing Ragnarok. Meanwhile, agents of a multinational energy corporation pursue eco-terrorists in the frozen North. This story travels gritty dystopian wastelands, supernatural paradise, and contemporary realms, to examine what we sustain and why.

We want to:

•explore the possibilities of audio drama with a talented group of artists

•bridge the distance between our work and audiences, simply

•tell a revenge tragedy with unorthodox settings and characters.

You can help us make this story available to the ears of zillions. Our Indiegogo campaign is live. Join us.


EDITED TO ADD: Our very first backer is author and gentleman William Mize! Glad to have you aboard, sir!

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