Meet The Artists of Jarnsaxa Rising: John T. Zeiler

John Zeiler headshot You know that Jarnsaxa Rising is shaping up to be a really cool podcast. Just how cool?  Our cast includes a man who is cool enough to portray Fonzie. Let that sink in for a minute.

John T. Zeiler will be disguising his motorcycle macho flair, however, when he plays Dr. Eric Aspinall. Though he and Fonzie both have the skills to fix 1950s-era juke boxes, the similarities end there. Dr. Aspinall makes up half of the team assigned to investigate the “possible threat to profitability” at the abandoned wind farm. He’s an electrical engineer, but Jarnsaxa assumes that his title means he can fix the hole in her soul.

The Tech Guy Archetype runs like Ariadne’s thread throughout science fiction and fantasy stories. This character can fix anything, and seems to be socially challenged, but often shows unique talent for empathy and honesty. Star Trek’s Geordi LaForge, Independence Day’s Dr. Levinson, and Stan in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind initially take a back seat to other characters. In a crisis, it’s their emotional intelligence that breaks an impasse.

“You just can’t rely on the plain and simple facts. Sometimes they lie.” -Geordi LaForge

John T. Zeiler is ridiculously excited to be joining this dynamite cast for adventure and magic.  Graduating from Gustavus Adolphus, with majors in dance and English, John has been entertaining the masses for the last eight years.  Now, he has big kid job and gorgeous loving family and still finds time to make believe and dive into a character.  Love you Lacey and Lila.  Recent credits include Arthur Fonzarelli in Minneapolis Musical Theatre’s Happy Days a New Musical; Engineer in Theatre Pro Rata’s Elephant’s Graveyard; and Jeffrey Ford/Boston Corbett in Mainly Me’s 2014 MN Fringe Festival Production Our American Assassin or You Can’t Handle the Booth!.

1) What made you decide you wanted to do this project?

–  The subject matter initially sucked me in.  Growing up, Greek and Norse Myths were as much a part of my life as were The Ninja Turtles and He-Man.  As I got older all mythologies continued to fascinate me.  An engaging subject, fantastic script, and superb group of talent was the perfect combination and I couldn’t say no :-).

2)  Who’s your favorite character from Norse Mythology?

–  When I was a kid, it was Odin.  To my nine year old self, the all powerful and destructive were the most appealing.  I was also a big fan of Thanos and Galactus from the Marvel Universe, to put it in perspective (I promise I was not a troubled child).  In college, I really started following the wives/women of these worlds.  Frigg became my new favorite.  There is something so incredibly awesome and attractive about a Goddess that not only shares the same strengths as her brothers, but also does a damn good job of keeping their husbands in check (well, as much as they can).  These days, after working at Summit Brewery for a stint of time, I have a special place in my heart for Saga.  When your resume sports “Drinking companion to Odin” and “Seer of the past” you better believe I’ll fall in love with you.  So, watch out all of you history majors that party with old, crazy, and powerful men.

“Checkmate.” -Dr. David Levinson

3)  What are you reading these days?

–  It won’t surprise anyone reading this that I’m currently working my way through four different comic book anthologies (listed below).

Weapon Brown Written and Illustrated by Jason Yungbluth –  I found this gem on Kickstarter.  Jason took every beloved character from the funny pages and threw them into a post-apocolyptic world.  It’s 400 pages of fantastic nerdy chow.  Not only can this guy draw but he tells a pretty good story.

Batwoman Vol. 1 Hydrology (the new 52) by J.H. Williams III and W.Haden Blackman –  Originally, I purchased this as a gift for my wife and of course I too had to read it.  It’s graphic, it’s emotional, it’s getting female heroes out of the ridiculous boob hugging latex body suits and into real stories and real lives.

Death of Wolverine by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven – This was a quick read and a guilty pleasure.  Wolverine is one of my favorites (who cares if he’s mainstream, I’m playing the hipster card and telling you I loved him before everybody else did) and of course I had to see how they wrap up his story.  I keep going back to study the art and make sure I didn’t miss anything.

And, last but not least…

Thor, the Goddess of Thunder by Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman, and Jorge Molina  –  This was another present for my wife that needed to be in my hands, taken in through my eyes, and placed in my brain.  After some key events, Mjolnir no longer finds Donald Blake/Thor worthy to wield her might.  A mysterious woman now wields the hammer and is bringing some delicious pain to those that threaten Asgard.

Ruffalo- ESotSM
“You looked happy. Happy, with a secret.” -Stan

4) What’s your favorite pre-performance ritual?

–   Mainly Me Theatre Company introduced me to a pre-show ritual that I would love to bring to all of my projects.  We stand in a circle and sing the theme song to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as loud as humanly possible.

5) What’s under your bed right now?

–    Nope.

Want to know how you can be part of this project? You can help all of our artists and make our podcast available for free to everyone by contributing to our Indiegogo campaign.  Join us! 

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