Frequently Asked Questions!

Listening In by SammyDavisDogOur listeners are brilliant. Some of them have questions about our podcast. Some of them ask the same question. Here is a place for answers.

Is it free? Yes, for you, the listener, it is free. We had an Indiegogo campaign over the summer, and some people used that to send us money to cover some of the expenses of making this podcast. They receive member gifts for doing so. But, in general, it is available for your listening pleasure at no cost.

How do I listen to it? Links are available in each episode’s blog post. They link to iTunes, Libsyn, and Pocket Casts. We recommend using headphones, your car audio system, or hooking up your computer or phone to a home audio speaker system.

I don’t use iTunes. Can I listen to it some other way? Yes. In each episode’s blog post, you can click on Libsyn or PocketCasts. There are many apps available for podcast listening, and all of them have access to our RSS feed. If for some reason, one of them doesn’t, please let us know. These articles below might be helpful:

The six best podcast apps for Android

The best podcast apps for the iPhone 

Some people are desktop listeners, and that’s 100% cool too. You can listen to it using the iTunes app on your computer, or the Libsyn website.

I lost track of who’s who. Can you explain it to me? And ruin the listening experience for you? No way. Just kidding. Here’s a list of Who’s Who in Jarnsaxa Rising. The links in each description go to a page where you can see the actor playing the role.

How can I help you with this project? Thank you for asking! The best way to do this right now, is to tell other people about the podcast and what you thought of it. You can share this website, and/or:

Jarnsaxa Rising on Twitter

Jarnsaxa Rising on Facebook

Jarnsaxa Rising on Libsyn

Jarnsaxa Rising on iTunes

Jarnsaxa Rising on PocketCasts

HERE IS ANOTHER THING. iTunes reviews are considered a very important standard for podcast fitness. We know that everybody listens to podcasts differently, and everyone has a different listener experience. Please don’t troll us for asking. But, if you  are an iTunes user, and you log in and leave us a review, it increases our visibility and gets our work to more ears.

Do you have a question we didn’t answer? Contact us! You can use this page to send us a message, or reach out to us on one of the aforementioned links.


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