Episode 10: Where Do You Think You’re Going?

Das östlichere der beiden Oberjettinger Windräder mit Mond, by Windhacker.

Bachman must stop Jarnsaxa from setting the wind turbine ablaze, but Dr. Aspinall has plans for the witch bottle. Loki turns them against each other, as Jarnsaxa returns to the mortal world. Will Bachman and Aspinall save the wind farm and recover the witch bottle’s power? Or will Loki and Jarnsaxa destroy the humans to continue their war plan against the Aesir?

Agent Bachman: Katherine Kupiecki

Dr. Aspinall: John Zeiler

Loki: Ethan Bjelland

Jarnsaxa: MaryLynn Mennicke

The Interviewer: Sarah Broude

Mrs. Wallace: Molly Pach Johnson

A Valkyrie speaks with a raven, 1862, by Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys.

Credits: Leslie Vincent

Written by Lindsay Harris Friel

Directed by Carin Bratlie Wethern

Sound design, engineering and music by Vincent Friel

Dramaturgy by Kit Gordon

This episode of Jarnsaxa Rising was sponsored by The Indiegogo Backers of Jarnsaxa Rising

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Large wave breaking at the end of the pier at Nørre Vorupør, by Slaunger

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