We’ve got the saga for your journey.

If you think you’ve got challenging travel plans this holiday weekend, consider this. In 2007, a crew of sailors re-enacted a Viking sailing route, from Roskilde, Denmark, to Dublin, Ireland. They sailed a replica Viking ship, The Stallion of The Sea, making a nautical journey of 1000 miles.

A replica Viking ship that sailed from Roskilde, Denmark, to Dublin, Ireland, in 2007, The Stallion of The Sea.
The Stallion of The Sea.

No kidding.

Though they had some modern navigational equipment, and were towed for the last third of the trip, it might make you a bit thankful to not be up against open wind and waves.

Good news, intrepid traveller: we have your back. All ten episodes of Jarnsaxa Rising are currently available FOR FREE, in easy-streaming podcast format. If you can read this, you can listen to it.

Listen now on iTunes, PocketCasts, or whatever your preferred purveyor of pod entertainment may be!

Whether you’re washing dishes, stuck in traffic, finding a corner in an airport, or trying to find something less depressing than The Eagles game, our story is here for you.

Thank you, and wherever you are, be safe.

3 thoughts on “We’ve got the saga for your journey.

    1. Thank you so much! We’re scheming up the second season now, and trying to expand our audience. We should return to the airwaves soon. In the meantime, how did you find out about us?
      Thanks again.


      1. Hmmm I actually don’t remember how I found you. I know i had found you several months before I actually listened. Had I listened right away it likely would’ve stuck where I stumbled onto you. I know there has been mentions of your show on the Facebook group of audio drama lovers, but i had subscribed before reading it there. But being subscribed to over 700 active audio drama podcasts does make me forget where I found what LOL


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