Episode 8: The Giants’ Pyre and The Superconductor

Vårnatt og seljekall, Nikolai Astrup, 1919.
Vårnatt og seljekall, Nikolai Astrup, 1919.

Jarnsaxa and Dr. Aspinall prepare the funeral pyre after the massacre. His desire to analyze this new world pushes against her desire to burn all Nine. Can they understand each other, and the power of science and sorcery, before Loki and Bachman return? And how does this relate to the ferry boat fire?

Jarnsaxa: MaryLynn Mennicke

Dr. Aspinall: John T. Zeiler

Agent Bachman: Katherine Kupiecki

Loki: Ethan Bjelland

Credits: Leslie Vincent

Written by Lindsay Harris Friel

Directed by Carin Bratlie Wethern

Sound design, engineering and music by Vincent Friel

Dramaturgy by Kit Gordon

This episode of Jarnsaxa Rising was sponsored by Jane and David Broude.

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